"sadasant" is pronounced /saadaasaant/.
When I was 10, I thought a misspelling of सदसत् would be a cool fictional character name.
I used it for my personal internet accounts, and now everyone I love is very used to the association.

This is a somewhat recent picture of me with a haircut I like.
I was born in Maracay, Venezuela.
My family comes form a very hearty and globalized mixture.
Some of them have lived and continue to live in Colombia.
I belong to a subgroup that now lives in the United States of America.

nubivagant (adj) - wandering in the clouds; moving through the air. I build your cloud platform's SDK.

In 2019 I joined the Microsoft's Azure SDK team 💙

You can catch up with us here: https://github.com/Azure/azure-sdk-for-js

I keep uploading music I do with my phone here.
You can also send me emails 🤷‍♂️ sadasant at gmail or hotmail dot com should work.


Thanks for passing by! 👋
I'm Daniel Jesús Rodríguez Sivira.
I'm an experienced remote Software Developer 👨‍💻
I write Open Source for Microsoft 💙

You can find me at:
BerserkTech, Twitter, Medium, GitHub, BitBucket, LinkedIn,
and elsewhere!

Previous versions of me would do:
A variety of writings (until 2015), an Open Source venezuelan community (relinquished in 2012), tutorials with friends (until 2012), drawings and digital art (~2010), very basic MilkyTracker melodies (~2013), and roughly play guitar (covers, samples).

Recent GitHub activity

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