Daniel Rodríguez
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At the age of 10, I tried to make a world of fantasy between my screen and my keyboard, a story that started as a glue of ideas, mixing and smashing concepts. Reflecting, struggling. Crashing.

Thinking on what to do, a year or more before 10, I had a brainstorm, that lasted months, drawing and describing characters. As a product of my friendship with a guy that liked myths, I drew dragons and demons, later on I drew robots and bones. I began loving electricity, technology, innovation, without actualy knowing a single thing about them.

One of my first attempts to define and conceptualize reality was dividing it in slides of content, wich I called gods (for the story). I started with fire, water, earth and wind.

Fire. The spark of creativity, destructive, impulsive, and warm. I liked it a lot, it gave me the illusion of unmeasured power, courage and passion. As it flows to the air, enlightened, it brought a sort of irrational faith and fear to the observer.

I adopted it as my mentor, and the first name of the protagonist of my story was "Eye Of The Tiger" (Sightful as Horus and brave as a Tiger). He was a loyal knight, a charming warrior, handsome and warm. No mistakes, no deviations. With a red cape and golden armor, he arrived early to every fight, wearing his Snake swords. Well it doesn't seem very related now, but back then!...

Later I saw it was a lie. fire was a slave of it's origin, also so arrogant and tricky. Unreflective. It's unable to see it's weakness, and desperated for accomplish his hatred. His imposed rules made him an eternal martyr, for who any temptation could seems like freedom. With a blink of the eyes, he'd become a rebel, and then a betrayer.

I needed to find a happier character, more reflective with itself, greatfull, calm but reckless, chaotic, almighty, free. The one who I wanted to be. Earth was too solid and slow. Water was too sensitive. I had to try with Wind.

Viha Hydrobates Was his name.
I began to search for better names, from various languages.

It was really hard for me to understand it. It's behaviour, it's mind. It seems like all that space it had to cover intimidated me. Also it's nature, sometimes a soft breeze, others a hurricane.

I was confused, I loved it! But also I couldn't get it for real. And actualy, I felt it as a girl... So I went back to the desk, as I started hearing black metal. By this time, I gave weapons to the gods, who were:

  • Aion Dienekes (God of Time)
    Weapon: Long-thin chains, with arrows at the end. (Why weapons? Why not! haha)
    Like a mix of Morgan Freeman and Denzel Washington.
    Tall and skinny, hairless.

  • Anala Ajnkraquiav (God of Fire)
    Weapon: Two Swords linked by a chain.
    Frethinker & hippie, but impulsive and explosive, uneven.
    Caucasic and skinny. Red long hair.

  • Kratos Amitavirkam (God of Energy)
    Weapon: Golden Bow, with sun-beam arrows.
    Leader and loved, an energetic guy who does not like words.
    Tall and fit, short blond hair.

  • Ea Vita (Goddess of Life)
    Weapon: A Staff.
    Full of life and happyness, really self assured.
    European, curvaceous and pale.

  • Erudi Scientia (Goddess of Knowledge)
    Weapon: A Parchment.
    A shy girl, but with lots of curiosity, dynamic and lawful.
    Short and white, brown hair.

  • Nerkos Kostan (God of Death)
    Weapon: A small and sharp wand.
    Mean and suspicious. Badass guy with a messy psyche.
    Skiny indian-asian. Long, black hair.

  • Pietro Varos (God of Weigth And Earth)
    Weapon: A belt.
    Bulky. With a big heart but tightwad.
    Middle East style, really fat and with a bread.

  • Viha Anemos (Goddess of Wind)
    Weapon: A cloth.
    Ethereal and with the mind in the clouds.
    Skinny white girl with a messy hair.

  • Sharon Grom (Goddess of Thunder)
    Weapon: A Harp.
    Tsundere girl.
    A Slim mix of Egipcian-Asiatic-Nordic girl.

  • Zara Haima (Goddess of Water)
    Weapon: A Trident.
    Sensitive and wise, with a great maternal feeling.
    Dark skin, curvaceous, half mermaid.

Sadly, none of those fits me.
But who?

I spent hours and days, searching and seeking, looking for meanings.
Until I found "sadasat" सदसत्, wich in sanskrit means "Good and Bad".

I liked it, not enough, even so I keeped it, but with a mistake, I wrote "sadasant".
With the N.

At the begining I wasnt convinced. The word was weird, and long. As the days passed, I started loving it, "sada" sadistic, "sant" saint, a nice mix of ideas. I found it beautiful and special, as the whole, not one side, nor the other, not an extremist, neither comformist, it went from light to darkness, from heaven to earth, wanting something different, a new dimention, wich is not what exist, wich is the transition, the limits, the good, the evil, is not the yin, neither the yang, is both. Later on I herd the name "Lukran", and adopted it as the first name of my creation. I had it, the missing piece of the jigsaw puzzle.

  • Lukran Sadasant (Good And Bad)
    Weapon: The Hands.

There was it, the eleventh. I took it as my nickname, my mail, my everything. I started thinking how I needed to be to fit that name. I got deeper in the knowledge, to a point that every previous god or goddess couldnt be isolated, every one needed each other, I erased what I had of the book, several times. I thought in making a small ammount of gods, like physics and chemistry, but the whole sense was already lost.

The years passed and the story once called "The Empire of Dawn And Dusk" vanished from my hands. For them I had more stories to write, as I grew drawing, then playing guitar, then programming, I discovered that art is not what you can keep, it's not static, it's dynamic, art is the movement, as well as happiness.

Sadasant The Shift.

Nowadays, I know about my mistake, but I give a shit. Also the persons I used to conceptualize as Kratos, Nekros and Anala, keep being as I thought, acting like they were supposed, and actualy, they used those nicknames sometimes ^^

by-nc-sa Daniel Rodríguez.