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Hello people!

I went to talk to Fedora's community about the Fedora Logo I made with CSS3 and their responses were very kind and cheerful, they wanted to use it for further purposes but in order to do that, we'd have to fix the license to make it belong to Red Hat, as this logo is part of the Fedora Trademarks.

I happily accepted their premises and gave them the rights for this piece of web craft, so you can find it now in the fedora-logos repository, over here:

If you want to use it, remember to read this first, to comply with the Fedora Trademark Guidelines.

That's it, thanks for reading!

The handcrafted Fedora Logo in #CSS3 is now an official contribution to the @fedora project \m/

Original Post (08, September, 2012):

Yesterday I upgraded my dekstop's old Fedora 15 to the last Fedora 17. It is always a fulfilling experience.

I've been using Fedora Linux for a while, I think it's the most reliable free and opensource linux distribution, despite the honorable work of others, like the incredible Debian community, or the Ubuntu guys. Fedora is just a very good distro, it has a perfectly integrated Gnome 3 environment, SELinux, and many other awesome features.

If you have followed me a bit, you might know I'm a Arch Linux user too, both are my favorite distros. Arch encourages you to learn, but sometimes you're running out of time and you just want to work, that's when the good Fedora comes in.

Right after installing it, I reminded how some amazing people managed to realize the FUDcon LATAM here in Venezuela. I couldn't be there, but I shared their emotion though their pictures and tweets.

With that in mind, I took part of my friday night to make Fedora's logo with CSS3, as a gift for the FUDcon people :)

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