Daniel Rodríguez
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Sharing some time with a parrot.


I'm very glad that you're here :) thanks for passing by!


Birth Name: Daniel Jesús Rodríguez Sivira.
Born: 3 June 1991 (Age 24).
Sex: Dude.
Interests: Why things happen, perspectives, approaches, theories, tendencies, limits, places, travels, to contribute to awesome projects and making beautiful things.
Origin: Venezuela.
Daily Activities: Internet sailing, family dealing, guitar playing air guitar playing (planning to get a new one), planning trips planning stays, tweeting having daily doses of online media, overthinking, reading (also audio-books), coding (Spanglish, Web-stuff, Go, Cgo, MRuby), learning (Finances, Economy, Maths, Philosophy, Computer Science), playing crucible.
Tools: HP ENVY Spectre XT 13.3" Ultrabook with Arch Ubuntu, Chromebook, Kindle, Moto X Phone, vim, tmux, git, Chrome, «The Cloud».
Works At: Software Developer at, Business Developer at Tecno Soluciones and any convenient side project.
Studied At: UNITEC
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