Daniel Rodríguez
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International Conferences

“MRuby as a Development Platform for Payments.”

  • Speakers: Thiago Scalone and I.
  • Location: Tower Hall Funabori, Tokyo, Japan.
We have been working on payment market with embedded applications for 3 years, providing a development platform for machines of Point Of Sale, it was develop only for some devices with our own Virtual Machine. After made so many mistakes in our own Virtual Machine We found MRuby as new Virtual Machine and We had a big jump in quality. Improving tests, time to support new devices, code beauty, user development experience and including expand the platform for mobiles. This presentation is focused on the testimony of this path. Let's talk about others technologies We leave to get MRuby. The difficulties, solutions and how We managed to link MRuby with many devices.

Administración De Servidores y Evolución De Los Lenguajes En Internet
“Evolución de los Lenguajes de Programación en Internet.”

An event to promote a program for those who want to learn how to be a Linux server SysAdmin, which also included some context about the evolution of internet languages and use cases for databases such as MongoDB.

Communities & Workplaces


Community of activists trying to help Venezuelans to overcome their government's censorships and internet abuses. It's slowly getting alive, but moreover the people involved are uttermost admirable.

OpenVE (Under Construction)

An open community for the development and research of open source computing projects. I started it in the second half of 2012, inspirated by @mapologo, but we're currently more than 20 persons, collaborating freely.

EchandoCodigo (Stopped)

EchandoCodigo is a podcast I make with @uokesita, in which we interview venezuelan technicians over a bunch of topics.

CITunitec (Given to the next generation)

"Centro de Innovación Tecnológica" (Technological Innovation Center) is a community of students aiming to participate in the technology industry, for which we encourage the development of: - Industry analytics, - Tech events targeting enterpreneurs, existing enterprises of any field and many interested people, - Open source projects of many different kinds.

Previous Work

I've also worked with:

Web Apps


Pong is a quick table tenis game for two made with


Topics is a web application for taking notes (2048 characters) under a given topic (140 characters)


Talk is a simple chat made with Node.js


Asteroids-like game, move with your arrows and shoot with the space bar. Good luck!


Configure, draw and publish your custom pixel art avatars! You can also save your creation directly to your twitter profile.


First person shooter where your Twitter followers are Zombies. Made with HTML5 and RaphaëlJS



A textbook of magic.


Python, JavaScript, Go


VIM, DWM, JSHint, Irssi, MilkyTracker

JavaScript Practices

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