Daniel Rodríguez
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Unstable Comprilation of Damned Dreams.

Australian > Japan Incident

I find myself standing on a subway. My eyes can percieve persons, most of them Australians, comming and going. It's very dark out there. The weather is cold, but dry. My sweater is black and soft.

Suddenly the subway goes to the surface. The light of the day makes me rub my eyes.

The summer sun shines above the pacific ocean. I'm near to the window, so I can see without troubles the amazing landscape. I believe this trans-oceanic metros wouldn't be so successful if they hadn't found the way to let us watch such natural paintings.

I went asleep.

I woke with the shudder of the crowd, as a voice comming from the speakers started telling us "we have a trouble", and we should take the air masks and breath deeply.

I hit my cheek to the window, and reach to see the upcoming Japan, burning and crushed, with two amazing beings fighting above. They look like... Dragons.

Inside my state of perplexity, I hear a metal sound of broken pieces, I felt a loss of gravity, the structure is comming down, to the sea, it's like being in a landing airplane, but worst... OH CRAP!!!

The Fat Girl On the Power Station

Back on the travel to the Power Station, I'm already tired of being sit all this time. I really want a bannana-strawberry Slush again, I had the last one minutes before the calculation of the route. And here it was, 72 days of travel without a single rock in front, they all went fastly to the back of our view, as well as every distant planet and star.

My partner is a old scientist with a messy hair and round glasses. Even if he does not talk much, his smile is enough to feel we're not dead yet.

I close my eyes for a minute and the sound of the countdown starts beeping, only ten minutes left.

There it was, the giant power station, collecting energy from the invisible massive space river of radiation. As we get closer, I have a horrifying view, seems like one person of the previous team was making some repairs to the craft.

But what the...

She was really fat and pale, with red lips, blond curvy hair, exorbitant eyes, and an armor of red hot titanium, burning her skin, suspended in the space, fixing the station, surrounded by a red cloud of blood, and, wait, I could also see her... laughing!!!

Serial Reverser

That reminded me the days I spent as a chief inspector of social threats, at the bottom of the old New York.

Between the sirens and all the sonic pollution, I had rouge and harder days seeking and catching criminals, taking pictures of crime escenes, drawing maps of clues and bones. But there was a specialy dirty case, the media called it "Serial Reverser", and as it sounds, this guy just loved to inside-out persons without killing them, he also left them hanging on diferent structures, as pieces of art.

Many people supposed he had to be an expert surgeon, with high studies and a long story of success on the medic records, but I doubted about it, with the advances of the network, everyone could learn enough to do this.

The 28 of April of that year, a prosecution was on, 3 of our patrols were waiting 10 miles up, one team was running behind the criminals, and we were monitoring everything from an air unit.

Near to the mile 245, 2 before the "last stop" we were planning, this guy just stopped, and jumped to a sewer! Caring someone else in a bag! I order the pilot to go down, and then I followed the criminal to the drains. With 3 men, we went down, left, down right, down, left, down, down, left, down, we hear a scream, and there was...

A crying girl behind a bag of flesh and living organs, she tried to move her arms and legs, also inside, with the head, but she couldn't, because every movement were pushing the external organs. Underneath that hanging image, there was a pool of gloden, brown and red fluids... I'm sorry for her and her history but I had to give her a shot in the head. Blame me.


The sand between my toes... and darkness.

I could only hear a soft sharp noise...

I closed and opened my hands, I felt cold, and hot, how can I describe it?

I was naked...

There were just dust and rocks under the black sky, and at the top of my head, blue and full of clouds, The Earth.

I walked... I ran... I jumped... I fell... I rolled...

For hours and hours...

The day turned night... the sand turned cold... but I kept running...

And jumping... and falling... and rolling... for hours.

I tried to laugh, but, you know, without air I couldn't do much.

I stopped just under the earth... It was late... I had to go back...

I made a final jump, a strong one...

I felt rejection for a moment, then I felt atraction, and at last, heat.

by-nc-sa Daniel Rodríguez.